The Cherokee Companies

Sat. Jul. 20, 2024
Thank you for your interest in The Cherokee Group. This web site is focused on our real estate and community development activities. To learn who we are, what we do, and how we help you, please see below.

The Cherokee Companies

Cherokee is primarily an investor, in real estate and in related financial instruments.

By definition, a real estate "developer" makes improvements of some kind to real property, thereby increasing its value. The two main types of developers are land developers and building developers. Cherokee primarily acquires existing, distressed properties, and then restores them to productive use. We tend to fix and "hold" investment properties to produce cash flow via rents. We have our own internal construction and management capabilities.

The Cherokee "Group" is comprised of distinct business units, each focused on a different aspect of the entire "business" that locates, investigates, acquires, restores, and manages real estate and related equities.

This granular business organization enables the members of each unit to concentrate on one aspect of our business, becoming more proficient. This also facilitates accountability, and achieves legal and tax objectives.

Cherokee's business units represent the steps involved in the asset recovery business. Locating prospective assets is done by Cherokee Equities. Evaluating prospective assets is done by Cherokee Resolutions. Upon acquisition, the assets are recovered, renovated and managed by Cherokee Realty (real estate) or Cherokee Financial (mortgages.

Our business units include:

Cherokee Equities.

CEL is a "forensic asset recovery" investor. We buy non-performing tax liens, judgments, contract rights, patents, real estate, and other distressed financial assets, nationally. To learn more, please visit (Please Note: we are re-launching the Cherokee Equities' web site in March/April 2011. The present site does not reflect the expanded scope of our business, which was limited to tax liens in 2003 and 2004 when the present site was created. Please check back soon, and thank you for your patience.)

Cherokee Resolutions.

CRI is the dedicated investigative unit serving Cherokee. CRI is also available to consult, as a contractor, to other asset recovery firms, owners of non-performing assets, and institutions. CRI is experienced in the analysis of distressed real estate, and non-performing mortgages impaired by fraudulent activity. The CRI team includes former prosecutors, law enforcement investigators, financial crimes investigators, experienced "lender liability" and "borrower fraud" analysts, and other people and information resources optimized for the effective and efficient analysis necessary to recover non-performing assets. The CRI web site will be launched in the second quarter of 2011.

Cherokee Realty

You are at this web site now. CRP is a real estate investor. We own and operate commercial and residential investment properties primarily in New Jersey. We only buy distress situations, such as contamination, legal disputes, foreclosures, bankruptcies, title problems, and other serious defects. We take properties that were abandoned and dangerous, and we restore them to safe, productive, tax-paying status. We've won awards for our community development achievements.

Cherokee Financial

CFL services old, "charged off" mortgage loan portfolios, nationally. We're investors. We own the Security Instruments that we service. We are not a collection agency, and we do not service loans for other companies. To learn more, please visit

Liens To Greens.

L2G is Cherokee's name for all of our activities associated with utilizing tax liens and mortgages as tools to acquire and clean polluted properties. "Liens" represents the tax certificates and security instruments, and "Green" signifies the desirable environmental end result. These activities span all the Cherokee operating units. We help the owners of these assets recover their trapped equity. We are the "agent of change" helping communities restore these distracting assets. We expect to launch a separate web site ( in the second quarter of 2011 that will focus on this one topic. Until the L2G web site is available, if you'd like to learn more about Cherokee's activities associated with contaminated properties please see "Cherokee Solutions for Your Contaminated Properties" .

Some Cherokee business units are certified as Woman Business Enterprises ("WBE") and/or Small Business Enterprises ("SBE"). To learn more, please see "Cherokee Business Certifications"

Our entire organization adheres to a set of ethical principles that guides everything we do. One aspect of this moral construct is our anti-discrimination policy.

Cherokee is a small group of professionals dedicated to the common objectives of doing good in the course of doing well. Within our group of companies, certain key management personnel guide our efforts. These individuals are described on the "Our People" page.