Business Partners

Sat. Jul. 20, 2024

part•ner (noun):
  • A person or firm that shares or is associated with another in some action or endeavor sharer.
  • A player on the same side or team as another.
  • An ally ... in a common cause.

Business Partners

Cherokee's success is based on the strong relationships we've nurtured over the years, from the institutions who sell assets to us, to our national network of abstractors and attorneys.

Relationships are built on trust, loyalty, reliability and respect. We consider our business (and personal) relationships to be our greatest assets.

As real estate owners, we strive to demonstrate our commitment to being a responsible landlord and good corporate citizen, working cooperatively with neighbors, local government officials and other regulators, to most effectively and efficiently rehabilitate properties, returning them to the tax rolls, and returning them to safe, attractive, productive use.

We consider government our partner as well. Since the interest of the public sector, including municipal, county, state and federal agencies, are broader than those of business entities, we've created separate web pages For Government to more directly and efficiently provide this audience with the information we believe will satisfy their likely interests. We invite viewers from the Government sector to see our Government pages.

For reasons of privacy and competition, we do not publish lists of our business partners. However upon request we can provide references from the following:

  1. Attorneys. Law Firms representing Cherokee, for matters ranging from lien recovery to land use, environmental cleanups to tenancies.
  2. Banks. We've acquired thousands of mortgages, tax liens, and other financial receivables directly from financial institutions, usually in packages or portfolios. (We do not work with credit card debt.) We can provide references from presidents to property managers, at institutions from two branch community banks up to one of the world's largest financial services organizations.
  3. Building and maintenance contractors suppliers, and other vendors, either related to properties or our general business.
  4. Local Government & Mayors on our compliance to Code Enforcement.
  5. Housing Authorities.
  6. Environmental Regulators.

Our Financial Partners

  • Current Vendors. If your institution is one of Cherokee's financial partners, including banks and escrow agents, please go to our Current Vendorspage.

    We'll give secure logon information for file downloads by linking to our Login page.

  • Our Tenants. If you or your organization are currently tenants of a Commercial or Residential property owned by Cherokee, you should contact your local Property Manager with any comments, concerns or issues. If that is not satisfactory, please contact us using information found at Current Tenants, Commercial & Residential

  • Asset Sellers. We are always in the market to acquire non-performing assets, where we believe we can add value. We honor confidences and happily pay referral fees and commissions. The people who alert us to opportunities are partners ... we share the success. For more information, please see our We're Buying Now page


We utilize this web site to work more efficiently and effectively with our partners. One way to do this is by secure uploading and downloading of secure files.

In order to enter the secure Partner area of this web site, please go to our Login page and enter your User ID and Password. If you do not have a User ID or password, please see Contact Us.

Latest News for Our Partners

There is no news as of this date. This area will advise our partners as to holiday office hours, weather closings, overall changes affecting everyone, etc. Are you subscribed for automated email news from Cherokee? If not please login (above) and add your email address and check the news feeds of interest.

Interested in Working With Cherokee?

Cherokee is always interested in hearing from reliable, capable suppliers and vendors of goods and services, including professional service providers such as abstractors, attorneys, building tradesmen, etc. To learn more about our current requirements, and how to contact us, please go to our Prospective Partners page.

For more information click here to "Check Us Out". You can also download our brochures to your own computer, so that you can print them, save them, or share them with others.