Owners of Distressed Assets

Sat. Jul. 20, 2024

The information on this page is intended for investors, non-owner occupants of commercial or residential properties, or vacant land, creditors and financial institutions, and for the advisors, agents and heirs of these owners.

Information + Help for Owners of Distressed Assets

Being Foreclosed?

If you own a home and are being foreclosed, we offer information tailored to your situation at Consumers Facing Foreclosure and at Links for Consumers.

Specific Types of Non-Performing Assets

Information especially for owners of defaulted mortgages is available on Owners of Non Performing Mortgages

Information especially for owners of tax liens that are under-performing or non-performing is available on Owners of Non Performing Tax Liens

If you own or are responsible for resolving one or more distressed or otherwise non-performing assets, and you have arrived at this web page, we presume you are at least modestly sophisticated, and that you are in the process of trying to establish all of your options, so that you may then make the most viable decision with regard to how to proceed.

For a discussion as to establishing some value associated with a non-performing asset, we offer How to Value a Non-Performing Asset.

To learn more about different types of non-performing assets, such as tax liens, mortgages and real estate, please see Non-Performing Assets.

If you own a property that is vacant and in disrepair, you may be able to repair it without extensive planning and zoning board applications. New Jersey laws permit such repairs, even if the use does not conform to present zoning or land use laws that were enacted since the property was first built. These pre-existing but now non-conforming uses are "grand-fathered". To learn more about this topic, please see Grandfather Laws on Repair of Existing Non-Conforming Uses.

How Cherokee Can Help

To see our views and predictions regarding the US real estate market, and its prognosis, as well as further resources that may help you maximize the recovery of your real estate please go to Real Estate Market .

Cherokee buys distressed real estate that can be profitably rehabilitated. We also buy delinquent mortgages and tax liens, usually associated with distressed real estate. The above information is intended to help you better understand and evaluate your assets and your situation. But if you subsequently decide that you'd like to consider selling some or all of these assets, see Why Sell to Cherokee and if you'd like us to review a property, at no cost or obligation, please contact Jay Wolfkind in our Red Bank, New Jersey office at (732) 741-2000. Additional contact information is available on the Contact Cherokee web page.

If you have a single distressed property, or a portfolio of non-performing real estate, or if you have assets other than real estate such as mortgages, tax liens, judgments, or other non-performing financial assets, please see the web site of Cherokee Equities, our sister company that manages Cherokee's acquisition activities. Alternately, please call Jay Wolfkind at (732) 741-2000.