Government & Community Development

Thu. Jun. 20, 2024
This web page offers information and resources for all levels of government, as well as related housing authorities. We hope you will welcome Cherokee into your communities, and cooperate with our efforts to restore and management properties in your neighborhoods.

Resources For Government & Community Development

  • Resources for municipalities in New Jersey
  • Resources for municipalities in California
  • For an explanation on how municipalities can utilize tax liens to not only improve cash flow but also as a tool to guide and facilitate community development, see: Property Tax Liens + Better Municipal Finance.
  • Cherokee is committed to improving the communities we work in, not as an afterthought, but as a core component of our business model. We offer a variety of resources intended to benefit communities, including the recovery of affordable housing stock, and an explanation of how commercial redevelopment of distressed properties benefits communities socially as well as economically.
  • When Cherokee acquires an abandoned or otherwise distressed piece of property, the result is usually that we fix it up, and thereby help stabilize or increase the values of the surrounding properties, and stabilize the tax base for the entire community. If you would like to tell us about a property that you wish we owned, because you want it to be fixed up and properly maintained, please contact us.
  • Foreclosures Impact Entire Communities explains how other people's property foreclosures affect you, and everyone else in your community, not just the affected property owners.
  • More information about Cherokee can be found at Checking Out Cherokee?.
  • You can also find and download Our Brochures to your own computer, so that you can print them, save them, or share them with others.